Hi there! I’m Georgia Dixon. I work for a data and Communication Technology company. I used to be born within the Cairns Australian state.

Photography is my manner of obtaining off from a laptop. Therefore I don’t keep the whole time stuck within the front of a computer. Photography works as some way to be off from home and finds out places and places.

This journal was created from queries in Yahoo! Answers that I responded within the section of Photographic Cameras. Tons of individuals asked several questions about that subject. However, didn’t apprehend correctly what to try and do. Therefore I decided to concentrate my opinion on equipment and photography generally.

I will still be a good pleasure in talking concerning photography if you’re from Cairns and conjointly like photography, we will observe photography here in my journal. Photography isn’t the sole issue that I prefer.

Design is another hobby I like doing it recently. I prefer planning piece of furniture. Knowing a touch concerning photography is helpful for my planning hobby. I will post the results of my works.

So, if you happen to like the things as I do, visit my journal and that we will observe planning piece of furniture and photography. You’re liberated to raise or to touch upon my journal.